Knock, Knock, I’m An Entrepreneur

Knock, Knock, I’m An Entrepreneur

People sometimes ask me “How did you get started in the design and sewing business”?

I learned how to sew in middle school and I can remember making clothes, but they never really fit right. A few years later I discovered how fun it was to make pillows.  My passion grew and the next thing I knew I was selling pillows at local craft shows and flea markets. It was so exciting when someone wanted to buy one of my pillows. I was on to something…I could do what I love and make money at the same time. I became an entrepreneur!

It’s not hard to start your own business. Come up with a good name and put it down on paper. Maybe make business cards or tags to attach to your product.  Your presentation is important to the success of your business.

Pick a product that’s useful such as a make-up bag or an apron or something that is just so cute someone can’t resist buying it.  You can sign up to rent a table at a craft fair, church bazaar or other fundraising events. You can also network through Facebook or texting pictures of your products to your friends. Start a frenzy! Get all your friends and family to want what you are making.  Your products can be the perfect gift for someone to buy for birthdays or holidays.

With a little success, you will be feeling so good about yourself and what you have achieved. Once you make a little money you will have funds to buy more supplies.

Keep expanding your products and build on the things that are selling well.

You can even knock on doors of small stores looking for unique, handmade things. You never know where it may take you.  For me, I am still creating and inventing new things.

Knock, Knock, I’m An Entrepreneur
We made pins that you can wear!

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